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New AMAZING payment processor - AIRTM!

Started by eduardo001 2019-07-11 at 07:36
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We have one awesome news for you. We have added new payment processor - AIRTM. It is available for deposits and withdrawals.

There is some awesome features in AIRTM, you can deposit there using some of your favorite payment processor like PAYPAL, Alipay, Neteller, Skrill or bank account. You can also easily withdraw your earned money to those processors. So, basically using AIRTM we have again PayPal in our sites with 0 risk.

There is also sign up bonus and periodically promotions that AIRTM have for our members. To get sign up bonus and participate in promotions you must:

1. Sign up using our referral link: http://airtm.link/twickerz - it is must because sign up bonus is available only for our members.
2. Complete a minimum of (3) transactions, (value of $5)
3. Cash out a minimum of $5 from our site to Airtm account
4. Be verified AIRTM user (it is easy and done within a day)

Once again, sign up using this link http://airtm.link/twickerz to get sign up bonus, participate in promotion and check awesome AIRTM features.

Also, if you deposit to Goldenclix using AIRTM, you will get extra 10% in your purchase balance. This promo is valid until end of July.

Kind Regards,
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That is very good news indeed.
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thank you Admin
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Awesome news!!!

(UPDATE): I registered to AirTM using the link you provided yesterday and got my account verified today. Hoping to get that sign up bonus/reward...
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