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Last Day Of World Cup Contest!

Started by eduardo001 2014-07-13 at 11:04
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Hello guys!

Temporarily we have $2495 in prize pool!

So, let's Germany will win tonight. Only members who have purchased Germany special packages will share prize pool! No Brazil, no Costa Rica, no Iran! Only Germany!

So, with temporarily prize pool:
1st winner will get : $1247.5 >> its only 1 person (member who have purchased the most Germany special packages in all sites, GoldenClix, Twickerz, SilverClix, Adzpot and Clixdo).
2nd winner will get : $499 >> 1 person only
3rd winner will get : $ 249.5 >> 1 person only
and the rest prize pool 499$ will be shared between all members who have purchased Germany special pack.

Contest will be closed 30 minutes before game.

Then, if you want $1000+ in your account balance guess who will win tonight, go and buy special package here: http://www.goldenclix.com/index.php?view=advertise

Best wishes,
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My best wishes for Argentina....
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