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Started by eduardo001 2014-07-15 at 03:36
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Hello guys.

World Cup contest is finished. Thank you for your amazing participation.

Prize Pool was $2530.

1st prize winner gets $1265 : kevinmuic
21 pack in twickerz and 25 pack in goldenclix = 46 Germany Special Package total

2nd prize winner gets $506 : ashly91
10 pack in twickerz , 20 pack in goldenclix , 15 pack in silverclix = 45 Germany Special Package total

3rd prize winner gets $253 : pur3c4sh
11 pack in twickerz and 21 pack in golden = 32 Germany Special Package total

and the consolation prize of $506 will be divided to 114 members who purchase Germany Special Package..
Each member will get $4.43

Plus 5$ will add to all winner Purchase Balance.

Please send ticket if you have different username in other sites.

On behalf of Zigma and Golden Group, Congratulations!

Kind Regards,
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You are the best!
Congratulations to the winners with a valuable prize!!
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Good news, dear Admin!!!
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good new
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