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2 Years Online and Paying!

Started by eduardo001
2015-01-10 at 06:04
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Hello dear members!

Today is our 2nd birthday! 730 days online and paying!

Two things marked our second year in business - PayPal limitation in April and merge with Zigma Network in May.

I prepared long post about this period, but i deleted. You know, nobody expected that we will reach 2nd birthday after limitation, and some of you shouted ''scam, scam'' everywhere. It is absolutely stupid. Instead to support this few paying sites what you have online, we spitting to each other. This is something what I will never understand in PTC industry. But as you can see, I never give up, I found stable business partner (Zigma Network) and Goldenclix is great again, the best ever, especially for investors. When I say ''especially'' maybe not sounds good, but we are in business, not in charity. Investors will always have special treatment here.
As I promised few weeks ago, you can cashout much more then before:
Free members - $10 every 7 days - same as before
Bronze members - $40 every 7 days - same as before
Silvers - $40 every 3 days ($400 monthly) - before was $70 every 7 days (approximately $280 monthly)
Enriched Uranium - $50 every 2 days ($750 monthly) - before was 80 every 5 days (approximately $480 monthly)
Goldy, Golden - $50 every 1 day ($1500 monthly) - before was $100 every 5 days (approximately $600 monthly)

And this limits will be increased time to time.

- We have added 8 new offerwalls. You can earn much more then just clicking ads.
- Anti cheat system is drastically improved. Nobody will steal your money anymore.
- Members with Golden membership can rent now unlimited referrals.
- Fees for losing rented referrals has been implemented. You can see in upgrade page.
- $1000 point contest is active. If this will work good, we will have every month.

Many great things coming, nothing can stop us

Best wishes,
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*** H-A-P-P-Y .. B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y .. G-O-L-D-E-N-C-L-I-X ***

Thanks, Edin for updating the security system ...
Now all Members are verified and legitimate
2015 is surely going to be a GREAT year for us
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Good news. Thank you. I wanted to specify how many days to wait for the payment to the bronze members and the working days included in the period?
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Congratulations Goldenclix!!
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Well, only a few new sites able to stand that long time being online and paying..

Hats off to You and your great hardworking ....

This is about the time to celebrate the 2nd Year milestone...I will take part on membership promo, thank you for providing this chance..

Congratulation, Goldenclix...
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Quote: Amora
Good news. Thank you. I wanted to specify how many days to wait for the payment to the bronze members and the working days included in the period?

According TOS within 10 business days, but at the moment is 24-72 hours.
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Congratulations !!!

Especially to Edin, for didn't give up and get ahead with the site. Thanks for your effort, dedication and honesty .

Long live goldenclix !!
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Two years of good work and honesty!
Thank you for that Edin, with the wish of much more years of success!
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Happy Birthday Goldenclix !

Over 9 days I will have two years online here .
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