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AutoPay - What it is ?

Started by kk777 2013-05-09 at 05:14
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(Updated: 17 August, 2013 14:25)

There are so many members are asking about “AutoPay”. So, I tried to make a topic where you will get the answers of your questions related to AutoPay.

PB: Purchase Balance
RR: Rented Referral
AutoPay Value of GoldenClix:
$0.0043 - For Wooden/free members (no matter how many RRs you have)

For upgraded members:

Suppose you have two RRs, e.g. XX and YY; the remaining days to expire of both are 28 days. You triggered the AutoPay “Enabled” on 1st January.

On 2nd January the remaining days to expire of both RR will be 27 days. Now XX comes and clicks the ads, then 1 day will be added to his remaining days and AutoPay value will be charged to your PB. That means his remaining days will be again 28 days and your PB will be deducted by $0.006. While YY didn’t click on 2nd January, so his remaining days will be 27 days and you will not be charged for him as AutoPay.

On 3rd January the remaining days of XX will be 27 while YY will be 26. Same thing done again, i.e. XX clicked the ads and YY didn’t click the ads. Now 1 day will be added again to remaining days of XX and his remaining days will be again 28 and your PB will be deducted by $0.006 while the remaining days of YY will remain 26 and you will not charge for him.

Now we got these points:
  1. If you triggered AutoPay Enable, then, if a RR clicks an ad or ads, the AutoPay value will be deducted from your PB and 1 extra day will be added to the remaining days of that RR.
  2. By AutoPay you pay one day in advance to your RR's due date.
  3. If the RR does not click, you won't pay him for another day.
  4. If your PB has insufficient funds, it will not work and will only work again when your PB has enough funds.
  5. If you triggered AutoPay Enable, it will work for all RRs. I mean if you have 100 RRs you can’t enable it for 70 RRs and disable for 30 RRs.
  6. Yes, you can enable it when you want and disable it when you want. I mean, suppose you enable it at 03:00 ST (server time) and you can disable it 08:00 ST, again you can enable it 13:00 ST and disable it 16:00 ST on the same day.
  7. There are no minimum days for Autopay to work at GoldenClix. That means if your RR has 1 day to expire and you triggered Autopay "Enable" then, if your RR clicks the ads it will be extended for 1 more day.

Benefits of AutoPay:
Imagine you rented 100 referrals by spending $20.00 for one month. Now you have to pay again $20.00 at the next due date (yes, it’s horrible); so, you can pay for them daily and you save $2.00.
How you save $2.00? Because AutoPay value is $0.006 (10% discount), for one month ($0.006 x 30 days) $0.180, that’s mean you save $0.020 per RR and for 100 RR you save ($0.020 x 100) $2.00.

If you have still any question or doubt, then feel free to place your question here. We will try to answer you.

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Very Good Friend. U explained it very clearly. Thank U friend.
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Thanks a lot for another awesome descriptive topic. No one should have any further question or doubt about autopay after reading this article. Good job, buddy.
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Great Job!
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GOod Job Buddy
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Thanks friends for your appreciation.

@ ronok and jawadidress
I wanted to save your times from giving answers about AutoPay.
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Good job bro
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Please update your post, now is always $0.0060, no matter how much referrals you have.

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Quote: Admin
Please update your post, now is always $0.0060, no matter how much referrals you have.
Thanks for the new autopay value.  
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Quote: eduardo001

Please update your post, now is always $0.0060, no matter how much referrals you have.


thnxxx dear admin

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