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$400,000 paid out - Top Members!

Started by eduardo001
2016-05-23 at 04:52
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Hello guys.

Today is really big day for us. We have reached $400,000 paid to our member - another great achievement.

I want to thank to all members, especially to those who recognizes Goldenclix as investment business. No business can stay in business without customers and investors. How you treat - or mistreat - them determines how long your doors stay open. That's why we always have some promos. It is to help you to reach your ROI faster. In last few days we already gave 5400 rented referrals for free in Goldenclix and SilverClix. This promo is available until tomorrow, so use it to get your ROI faster.

I know, many people hate this term ''investment business'', but online or offline if you want to make money, you must invest money. If you do not understand this, then you are part of someone else's dream.

For example, I'm now in negotiation with couple of franchises in the Philippines. What do you think, they will give me business because I have beautiful eyes, or because I'm Caucasian in the Philippines? Absolutely not. I need to invest.

Here is top members who recognized it.

Top paid members:

1. jack4ever (Italy) - $11148.02
2. ashi_junior11 (Australia) - $11030.71
3. u9113054 (Taiwan) - $6298.78
4. mhmadfarajalla (Palestine) - 5824.84
5. kamankappa (USA) - $5561.76
6. agony554 (Netherlands) - $5419.98
7. mopsi (Finland) - $5355.10
8. nelalita (United Kingdom) - $5067.30
9. Pecunia (USA) - $4579.38
10. rugal (Mexico) - $2968.60

''No matter where you are from, your dreams are valid'' - Lupita Nyong'o

Times paid:

1. jack4ever (Italy) - 267 times
2. ashi_junior11 (Australia) - 225
3. u9113054 (Taiwan) - 134
4. ronok (Bangladesh) - 132
5. kamankappa (USA) - 108
6. andre19sp (Norway) - 98
7. sujoymou09 (India) - 97
8. Pecunia (USA) - 93
9. rugal9 (Mexico) - 90
10. kordim (Greece) - 71

Have a nice weekend :)
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Cheers admin very well said. Thanks for showing the statistics so that the members can actually have an insight view as how the business has paid over years. Your Hardwork , commitment and determination had made you succeed.
The passive income that we make through this place is multiple times more as compared to other investment businesses or letting the money sitting idle in bank accounts.. This place is one of the safest investment options and it has been proved over the past few months. Even after so much external disturbance that took place in past this business ran smooth and steady as always..
Next milestone of Half million dollar payouts gonna be accomplished soon..
Edin you have the will power and that will definitely find its way even in Turnmoil...
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aawesome ooooowwwwo
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What a great post and what a wonderful journey it has been thus far with Goldenclix and Silverclix. Good luck with the ventures you are negotiating now, and I'm looking forward to the continuing journey here.
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Thanks you very much Edin, long life to GoldenClix. you have my support.

I wish you the best
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Hello everyone,
I would like to thank you, Edin, and all the staff of this wonderful PTC.
I believed from the start, as it has proven to be well structured now and I must say that so far has been always one of the best PTC on the market.

I can be really happy to be part of this great family, and I thank again all the staff for allowing me to be part of it.

Have confidence in this PTC, because despite all the difficulties he has never missed a payment, and especially has always been available to every possible request for help or support.

Thanks again Edin, to you and your staff.
Best wishes to all for a good happy gain.

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I am honored as I belong to the 2nd list of our beloved admin -- received payment 97 times from here. And till date I have received $1533 from here and invested till date $704 .

Goldenclix is really a Goldmine for me and I wish all the very best to this site and hope it will continue business and provide profits to its member.

It is very true that without investment you can't expect a sizable profit. I am in the ptc clicking since Dec'2012 and seen lots of ups and down lots of big sites creation and destruction but Goldenclix never betrayed its user and always very honest and inform each and everything to its user.

Love you Edin. Love Goldenclix.
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hi dear admin.very nice news.
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