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Offerwall commission and special packages

Started by eduardo001 2019-06-25 at 10:38
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We need your attention, it is something very important.

As you can see there is few new way to earn money in GoldenClix - Quiz, Surveys and High paid offers. We want to focus on it and we want you to focus on it because you can earn much more but working on it than by just watching ads. And it is not all, from today you can earn 10% when your referrals doing offerwalls, surveys and quiz. It is our gift to all members, regardless of membership, you can earn lifetime, without any investment, just spread the word. Because the best promotion is when we talk about it. If you have any friends that need some extra money or even job, tell them and you will also earn! There is tons of offers for each country especially in our "High paying offers" and survey section. Members from Asia, Middle East, Latin America, Africa can earn $5+ daily, Europe $20+ daily, Australia and North America $50+ daily! Check offerwalls every day and stop earning cents!

Other thing for our business builders, we create special package that cost only $10, you will get 50 rented referrals and 10000 PTC credits. If you buy this special package it means you will get credits to promote your business basically for free as you know that 50 rented referrals cost $10. You can buy it here: http://www.goldenclix.com/index.php?view=advertise, search for special packages.

All the best,
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good news Admin
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You certainly keep growing and evolving your business, Edin. Good job!
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