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General Questions...

Started by 10foraday
2023-04-19 at 20:31
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Hello GoldenClix-Team...
I'm not sure if I should invest here. All the Payment proofs I found are small payments from Wooden Members with a few RR.
But what happend with Merry83 or Pecunia? They once were big members and then they have quit?
Are there other big members who can convince me that it's still worth building an account here?

Hoping for a great time here...
Posts: 75
They withdraw large amount because they have higher membership upgrade.
It takes high membership upgrade to withdraw big amount.

Btw, They quit with BIG profit.

It takes money to make more money. Small deposits small profits as well.

Those wooden members mostly has no deposits,
Just taking all profits.

This year is our 10th year milestones.
And you are a part of it.
Thanking your support.