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Profitable Clicker membership
Published on 03-11-2019

Hello guys!

I would like to introduce new membership. We named it ''Profitable Clicker'' because for the first time you can cover your membership cost just by your own clicks.

Here is some features:

- Cost only $20 per year.
- Guaranteed earnings just by clicking ads is $0.07 every day ($25.55 per year)
- 250 grid clicks per day ($0.00015 per click guaranteed + additional prize every 25th click)
- Maximum withdraw is $60 per month.
- Withdraw once per day, no minimum.
- No cashout points needed for withdraw
- No popup/popunder ads.
- Allows unlimited number of direct referrals and 250 rented referrals
- Earn $0.002 per direct referral click and $0.001 per rented referral click.

Membership is great for small businesses or for members with no referrals.

Click here to buy: Profitable Clicker membership

Kind Regards,

Significantly improved GoldenGrid !
Published on 10-08-2019


We have significantly improved GoldenGrid !

You can click there 250 per day there (upgraded members can click 500 times).

For each click you will earn $0.00015 instead of $0.00010

For each click you will earn also 0.25 grid credits. With those credits you can promote your programs or websites in grid for free.

For every 25th click, you will earn small additional prize like PTC credits, banner credits or grid credits.


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