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How to get Direct Referrals

Started by agony554
2013-10-15 at 00:51
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Just a gift I will edit once in a while, trying to explain how to get direct referrals yourself.

*I will not name any sites or even give a hint to get the most DR, so don't bother asking.

There are 2 needed factors in my world to get them:

1. Spent money to get them
2. Spent time to get them

I'll try to explain point #1 first:
You need some seeds to grow fruits from,
lets call our seeds $ and fruits will be Direct Referrals
The more $ you can plant, the more DR you will harvest, sounds good.
But you need also consider the places you would plant your $ at first.
Bad soil will grow you a bad DR harvest anyway.

Lets do point #2:
Put up your thinking cap and remember, what brought you to Goldenclix?
A good chance you found some ad linking to this place ending up to be a DR to someone else.

Ask your selves:
"why did I sign up"

When you remember, explore your answer
Lets take the most common answer first, you wanted to earn loads of money :-)
Then ask your self, what did you think to make loads of money here...
So to be clear, ask every "why" to yourself first.

Personally, I like to make an ad special, I try to think up texts, colors and graphics that just might do it.

This brings me to some tools you could use to make an ad your self:

The text you will use:
Very common people use very stupid texts for an ad, just naming it goldenclix or just make money...
The text is a very powerfull tool to leave an sugestion in someones mind, experiment with it a lot.
You will learn that words can make a huge difference.
So you want to use suggestive words in your texts, leaving an objective you will use in your ad.

Every one knows what colors can do in candy tv commercials, they use sweet and bright colors such as yellow and red.
Do some research on colors to suit your ad needs, its important :-)

Even banners can matter, make them your self and make them noticeable, boring banners don't work.
Draw attention to your banner, make it noticable
Graphics on your blog are important, keep it nice and relaxing, don't put 25 gifs into someones face
and expect them to look at this busy bilboard at all.
Use a few gifs, telling your storyline, keep it simple, relaxing and noticable.
I see too many blogs with flashy and annoing banners, supposing to be a top 100 sites around,
not even loading within seconds, its annoying and won't make people join any program.

It don't work like this, keep it simple and understandable within the few seconds you have with your ad.

I will try to build this guide from here on, if there is any interest...its a bit raw now
Show me if there is and leave a response or "real" question.
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Thanks dear agony554.
Very helpful guide for Newbies in the PTC world.
This is a very useful guide.
Thanks to my dear friend.
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Thanks, I will try to improve it some more
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This is good! :)
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great my friend, it's really helpful
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I want to know what is the best place to pormote goldenclix is that neobux or othersite which has massive traffic I need ur suggesstion plz?

Note: Please don't quote the whole post of agony554. Thanks.
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Read the 2nd line, please.
You want to use big ptc's, then use them and see your results.
What works best, doens't excist. It changes every single day.
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great about software you use?..any recommendation for newbie to use?
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Quote: pojan83
great about software you use?..any recommendation for newbie to use?

An old version of photoshop and frontpage :)
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