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Bug with Direct Referrals

Started by Alooz 2019-04-11 at 20:37
Posts: 23
Hello, I ran into a bug, please help me figure it out.
With direct referal, my income goes much less than it should be.
2 days ago I brought funds with goldenclix. During these 2 days I had to earn $ 7.69, but earned only $ 2.4, since my referrals clicked 1538 times, they should have brought me (1538 * 0.005 = 7.69).
In my statistics, shows that in 4 clicks they give me $ 0.0055, although in Silver Monthly they must give 0.02 for 4 clicks. Maybe that's the problem. But tech support wrote that this is a graphical bug, then why it costs me 4 times less, which corresponds to the fact that $ 0.0055 is 4 times less than $ 0.02.
Please help understand.
Posts: 23
The site from this admin is Silverclix, I'm fine, 1500 clicks brought $ 8, which corresponds to 1500 * 0.005 = $ 7.5
Posts: 23
They wrote that this is really a bug, the only way not to incur losses is to buy an upgrade for half a year for $ 109.
I will save this amount for a long time :(
Posts: 23
I didn’t have $ 109, and I bought a $ 25 upgrade, it’s much worse, but something hut. And there such a bug, instead of 0.0026 per click referral, gives 0.001375. Admins when you finally decide this bug ??? It's been almost a month already !!!

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